This is a true story.
I am a 18-year-old girl, my name is Farah Deebah from Karachi , i am little fatty bhari bhari which my uncle loves to tap my ass always.Living with my parents in in Dammam Saudi Arabia, my neighbour My sweet Shahnawaz aunty Irshad uncle from Indian are v v nice with me always i spend my time with shanu anunty while irshad uncle on job , she use to teach me how to make dresses stiching. Uncle use to come from office at 4.30 that time my dad and mom goes to job they work in evening shift in hospital , so i use to spend my time with Shanu auntys house as my parents dont want me to stay alone at home. uncle use to sit in tv room and watch tv while me and shanu aunty busyin our work while watching tv Irshad uncle sitting opposite room always stare at my huge breast which 38b he love my breast and he use to play sexy movies with no sound to make me hot while aunty is sitting other side she cant see tv from there. Whenever he get chance he use to life his tope/lungi and show me huge hard on , but i dont mind i think he was just doing as my uncle.

While watching me he use to put his hand in his lungi and hold his huge lund and look at me , some time i was so hot and i enjoyed looking at Irshad uncle massage while looking at me. Sometimes he use to come in our room and while talking with his wife shahnawaz he use to stare at my calvage as we both sitting and he is standing , while aunty busy in work he use to lookinside my breast and spread his tounge looking at my calvage thats make me hot and i use to look at huge bulge in his lungi. I had a crush on Irshad uncle day by day). Uncle had a reputation of being a sex maniac, but I never got a chance with him. We were good friends, but I never had the guts to talk to him about my true feelings. It was he who introduced me to Indian passion while teaching me computer .

Once Shahnawaz aunty Irshad uncle's wife had gone to her mother's place for delivery of their first child. Since he was alone, I used to take a flask of tea for him occasionally. One such morning when I went to his house with tea I found the doorbell was not working, I knocked but still no response so pushed the door and found it open. I walked in and tip toed into the bedroom. I found him sound asleep - he was drunk, . Looked like he had a late night party. He was lying naked on the bed, and too my surprise i found my pic in sleeve dress nighty which i gave to my aunty was in his hands. I could not help but stare - awe struck , at his sexy naked body. I slowly came close to him to see if he was really asleep, he was totally sozzeled out.

Tempted to touch him, I slowly sat beside him and started stroking his huge cock lovingly, which slowly hardened. He started moaning - still asleep. Not able to control myself - I kissed his cock softly. After a few minutes he opened his eyes - OHH FARAH MERIJAN UFFF BABY AAJA DEK TERA IRSHAD UNCLE TERAY LIYE TADAP RAHA HAI TA TADPA APNE IRSHAD UNCLE KO MERI JAN ROZ TERI TASVEER DEK KAR TERI AUNTY KO CHODA TA HOON, TERAY YE BHARE BHARE MAMMAY TERI YE BHARI BHARI GAND TERAY UNCLE KE NEEND HARAM KARDI HAI , PILADE APNI CHOOT KA RAS APNE IRSHAD UNCLE KO, I was too hot to bother, he lay back closed his eyes and asked me to suck him. I did not need any prompting I was dying to suck his cock. I slowly pulled back his foreskin revealing his smooth cock head. On the tip of his cock a drop of pre cum glistened. I scooped up the elixir of love with my tongue - it tasted like honey.

iRSHAD UNCLE reached out and cupped my buttocks and started kneading them. He ordered me to take off my SHALWAR, I was happy to oblige; I took off all my clothes, and got back to my chore of sucking his delicious cock. He asked me to sit on his face. I got on top of him and placed my now dripping pussy squarely on his face in a 69 position. I could feel his warm tongue licking my juicy cunt lips while I sucked his cock. I started humping his face, I WAS SHOUTING UFFF IRSHAD UNCLE CHOOSLU APNI FARAH KI CHOOT MAIN BHI IS DIN KE INTEZAR ME THI ROZ ROZ AAP APNA LUND DIKHA KAR DOOR SE MUJHE PARESHAN KAR DIYA , AATE JATE ROZ HAAT YAHAN WAHAN LAGA LAGA KAR ROZ MUJHE PAYASI CHOD DIYAKARTE THEY , AUNTY KE DAR SE MAIN CHUP RAHI , AAJ LOONGi BADLA APNE IRSHAD UNCLE SE - as I came in his face - he was going mad he rubbed his face in my wet juicy pussy smearing his face with my cum - grinding his face, his nose and tongue in my slippery wet pussy lips. He licked my flowing pussy juice, slurping it all up - he started groaning saying he wanted me to pee in his mouth. He got me to sit straight on his face and pee- he drank every drop and licked my pussy as if he could not get enough. He kept sucking and licking my pussy and asshole inserting his tongue into my asshole. I started grinding my pussy in his face holding his head with both hands I pulled his face into my slippery cunt. He loved it.

He pushed me down, turned me over and sat on my chest. And he started rubbing his cock betwenn my huge breast which he loves to suck it since a long time , he was shouting uff farah baby janu i love to rub my lund between ur breast more than ke main teri choot me daloon. Suddenly my Irshad uncle turn violent he started pulling my hair and forced his dick into my mouth and down my throat. Suddenly he started to pee down my throat I had to gulp down his pee fast to keep from choking. Then he started fucking my mouth while holding my head firmly with both hands. I loved the feeling of the warm thick cock humping in my mouth and down my throat. His cock started to quiver and his body stiffened as he shot his load of delicious cum juice into my mouth. I was in heaven; his cum filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. The taste and texture of his thick delicious cum juice, the smell of his huge smooth beautiful cock overwhelmed my senses.

He then lay down exhausted. I licked up the last drops of cum from his cock and started milking the now limp organ for the remaining cum. I love the taste of cum I like to savor the taste, swirling it in my mouth with my tongue. I also like the taste of my own cum juices, I like to taste my own cum when I am alone (I am strawberry flavored - my lover always says). I lay there licking his cock, coaxing it to a hard on. After a few minutes of sucking and licking he starts to harden again. He ordered me to lick and to insert my tongue into his asshole. He turned around to lie on his stomach. I kissed his buttocks one at a time and slowly licked the hairy crack of his ass. I lovingly kissed his puckered asshole and licked it; he loved it as I caressed his asshole with my tongue. He started humping wildly out of control. All that moaning and groaning was driving me mad. I badly wanted to feel his dick inside me. I was all wet and dripping.

Irshad uncle got on top of me, scooped up my pussy juice, smeared it on his big cock and inserted his manhood into my wet cunt lips and started driving it in and out, slowly picking up speed like a Bombay local train, we both picked up tempo till we came and came and came. Exhausted we lay in each other's arms. He said farah jan i fucked all my salis and neices but u know my dream is to fuck a pakistani bhari bhari ladki is now fullfilled i am glad ,u know ur smell is so diff from indian choot i love pakistani smell its really diff that indian choots.

At last he shocked me by saying that farah baby u know what ur mom shahnaz ji is also a nice cunt , what iwas shocked he said yes jan wen ur dad wasout last week ur busy with ur aunty i was in ur home fucking ur hot and sexy mom , i ask wo kaise uncle he told me he actually came to see me the door was opened wen he want inside my mom shahnaz was taking shower and irshad uncle jumped on her mom try to resist but she also had crush on Irshad uncle i know that as my dad nver fucks my mom for months, i said yeah uncle thats why mom looks so happy now a days, yes jan i love ur mom too specially her ass .. I felt all the emotional pain and waiting I had been through was worth it. (meri zindagi safal ho gayi) we fucked, licked and sucked all afternoon and came countless times. We continued meeting secretly till shahnawz aunty comes back - Till I met my lover and best friend Imran (he is the best thing that ever happened to me). Though this was my first experience of sex with a man, this was the best experience I ever had with a married man, and will ever have (hope not) that is why I have shared this experience with you all. I hope you enjoyed it too.

But i stop having sex with Irshad uncle since i came to know he is fucking my mom Shahnaz, i dont want to come between them , now uncle fucking my mom wen ever dad is out and i am in his house with Shahnawaz aunty he is my house with my mom.

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