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Licking game with sister

Hi all, I am raja from Tamilnadu. I like sex a lot and when I was 25 I decided to have sex with someone. This incident happened when my parents were out on a day. Once when my parents were out, I just switched on my pc .she is 4 years younger than me and so she asked me to teach about internet. She is so sexy with big tits. I accepted to teach her internet.

She asked me what is the purpose of search engines. then I explained her about it. then she asked me what a "PUSSY" is? I was shocked on hearing this. I asked her how she knew that word? She said that in chat she met a man with the nick name "pussy lover". Then I told her that I can't explain what that word is, but I can show it, I said. she said "then show" I asked her not to scold me after showing it. She promised me on the same. I placed my hands on her pants and removed it. She was shocked. she asked what is this? I said her that pussy is inside. Then she became silent.

As I did it, I found her pubic hairs extending out from her pussy. Now mine was at its full length. Then I removed her panty and showed her pussy and told her that it was pussy. She was shocked. but she didn't scold me.

She asked me a surprising question. she asked me if I too have hairs in that area's couldn't believe my ears and said her yes. she then asked me to show it. Suddenly I removed my pants and showed my hairy sunni (dick) to her. as I was in mood already, the liquid from mine was just on it. She asked me "anna poi bathroomla onnukku irunga.enna juttila irunthu irukkiringa?" I said her that it was not urine but juice. She was surprised. I then said her that both the male and female body produces juice and it should be tasted. She said me but my body never produces juice. I said her that it will produce. She then asked me which area produces juice? I pointed to her pussy and said that it will produce juice. She said ok, I want to taste your juice. I said her that it will be a little salty. She said o.k. I asked her to shake it and get more juice. She did so and drank it as a hungry girl. at last I was cum and she drank all those without spitting out a drop.

I asked her how the juice was. she said that it was good. now I said I wanted to drink her juice. she said ok. Now I lay down her on bed and widened her legs. she did so and I said her that it will pain a little in the beginning. she asked will it be so paining. I said her cunningly that it pained me also a little when she drank mine. she said "ok for u I'll bear the pain". I put my finger first inside her pussy and blood began to come out. But I didn't show it to her and she was moaning out of pain. Then she cum out. I licked it all around and then I asked her to get up. She asked me if I drank her juice. I said yes. she then dressed up. She went out. Our licking came to an end.

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