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Three in Bed

This is my first story for 365 Indian. I hope that you will go horny after reading it. Well, I am Arun aged 32 married to Ambalika aged 26. I consider my wife Ambalika very beautiful (resembles MoonMoon Sen, the Hindi Actress). She has got a very attractive sexy figure. I am very lucky to have her as my wife. I think, any sexually active person, if once looks at my wife, will definitely have a hidden desire to fuck my wife. But there is one catch. Ambalika is a true Indian wife who wish to go along with one throughout. On the other hand, I am of the opinion that three in a bed (two males and one female or one male and two females) are much better to fully enjoy the sex life. I am actually very fascinated with this idea and therefore wanted to arrange one of my friends to join us. But the problem is that Ambalika, my sweet wife, won't agree for it. Many times I tried to persuade her. Even during the night, while fucking her, I narrated very hot sexy stories involving my friends having sex with her. Though she enjoyed the stories, but never agreed for the third partner. Sometimes, I even suspected that she is not getting full sexual pleasure with me, although she did not complain anytime. My reason for such thinking is that I don't have a large penis, it's only 5 inch in erected stage. What I feel is that Ambalike needs a much bigger cock than mine. So I was thinking the ways to get someone with bigger cock to fuck my wife passionately.
Days were passing and I could not get any clue to sort out the matter. Once I was passing through passage in office and I heard these words "Saale kee Biwi badi chudakkad hai, uski choot mil jaye to maza aa jaye". This increased my curiosity and I tried to listen the talks from outside. I was astonished to learn that it was Kumar, my colleague who was talking about my wife only. I immediately dreamed Kumar fucking my wife. But he is a very lean and thin person and I wondered if he has a bigger and strong cock than mine. But still I thought of taking a chance. I invited Kumar to my chamber and frankly told my intentions. He gladly agreed to have sex with Ambalika. But still the problem was that how to persuade my wife. We decided a way to proceed. I invited Kumar to my house on Monday morning. We both took leave for that day.

I told Ambalika that Kumar is visiting us just for chatting and tea. On Monday morning, I was eagerly waiting for Kumar. After his arrival, we passed some time with general discussion. Then, Ambalika brought some snacks and tea for us. While she was away in kitchen, I put very light sleeping pills in her cup of tea just to make her drowsy for few minutes. The effect of those pills started appearing on Ambalika soon after taking the tea. I advised her to take a nap. She went to the bed room and we both followed after 10 minutes. Ambalika was sleeping on the bed and looking very sexy in her pink gown. Kumar appeared to be very horny after looking her lying in front of him. I watched at his pant. His cock seemed to be bursting out. I unzipped the pant of Kumar and took out his cock with my hand. Oh my goodness! it was fully blown 7 inch cock ready to fuck my sexy wife.

I never imagined that such a lean and thin person could have such a mighty cock. Kumar told me that he fucks better after getting his cock sucked. I told him that this is not a problem. I will suck your cock in place of Ambalika. Even otherwise, my wife never likes to suck the cock. I hold the end portion of Kumar's big cock with my right hand and galloped the front portion in my mouth and started moving up and down in my mouth. Actually, this was the first time I was sucking a cock. I really enjoyed the act. Kumar was also getting pleasure out of it, as I could guess. After some time, Kumar asked me to stop so that his semen could not be wasted in my mouth.

Then we turned around Ambalika who was still sleeping. I lifted her gown up and completely undressed her. Kumar was astonished to see such a sexy body in front of him. I spread the legs of my wife apart to have a total view of her bald pussy. Without any further delay, Kumar jumped over my wife passionately kissing on her lips, face, throat and over the whole body. Now he could not wait any longer with his cock He pushed his strong cock into the pussy of my wife. The entire length of the cock was in. Kumar then started making fast strokes into her pussy. This made Ambalika gaining conscious. She felt being fucked. Unknowingly, she put her both hands on the hips of Kumar and started pushing them down with the downward strokes of Kumar. For the first time, I watched her having full satisfaction with that long cock. Soon she realized that it was not her husband who is fucking so hard till the end of pussy wall. She opened her eyes and surprised to see that it was Kumar who was giving such immense sexual pleasure to her. She uttered "Oh mere Raja, mujhe khoob chod, chod chod ke aaj tu meri choot kee chatni bana de mere husband ke saamne".

I was watching Kumar and Ambalika going wild. This also made me horny. I also wanted to do something. I asked Kumar to allow some space so that I could lick the clit of my wife simultaneously (actually, I enjoy licking the pussy very much and every night I lick her clit before the main act). Kumar now shifted the position of fucking so that I could insert my tongue on her clit. I started licking the clitoris of my wife while she was being fucked by Kumar. In between, my tongue was also touching the fucking cock of Kumar wet with pussy fluid and that was giving me more pleasure. We heard sounds of immense pleasure from Ambalika. She told us that no pleasure in this world can be better than this. And this way, I made her agree that three in bed are much better for sexual pleasures.

Ambalika asked Kumar if he can visit her daily for fucking. But Kumar told that it is not possible to visit daily but he will try to frequently visit. Still we all three were in action and it appeared that both Kumar and Ambalika are going to reach orgasm. Just before the ejaculation, Kumar took his cock out and spread the semen over the entire pussy. I was still licking the clit, but now I moved my tongue over the whole pussy wet with semen of Kumar. Besides licking the wet fluid of her pussy, I also licked the semen of Kumar and took everything in my mouth. I can't explain in words what pleasure I got with this.

But my erected cock was still hungry. I asked Kumar if I can fuck his ass hole. Kumar gladly agreed to provide his ass hole to me. I then lubricated my cock and with great difficulty inserted into the tight ass hole of Kumar. But once it was inside, it was a heaven to fuck his ass hole which I enjoyed fully. Meanwhile Ambalika started sucking the cock of Kumar. I was surprised to see this because she hardly agreed to suck my cock. Any way, we all three enjoyed the sex fully. After some time I discharged into the ass hole of Kumar and simultaneously Kumar discharged into the mouth of Ambalika. Then we all got up and put our clothes.

Ambalika wanted to go for toilet but I asked her to wait. I told Kumar that I will now show you a very unusual (and ugly) activity. Kumar could not understand my intention. I laid down on the floor with my mouth wide open and asked Ambalika to proceed. She positioned herself on my mouth as if sitting on a toilet seat. I took my mouth very near to the exact location. Ambalika now started to piss. A large jet of Ambalika's piss was flowing in my mouth and I was drinking each and every drop of that very salty fluid. It was not the first time. I had developed this habit long back for drinking ladies piss directly from the source (pussy). Kumar was amazed to see this and wondered whether anyone else in this world would be doing it.

We both thanked Kumar for the excellent experience and invited him to visit us frequently. I hope that DesiBaba fans will enjoy this story. I invite young sexy guys and gals to join me and Ambalika for sexy three-in-bed adventures, plays and fantasies. The only condition is that the cock size should be more than 6 inch and you should be ready to visit our place (Raja Garden, New Delhi). Young couples are also invited to take the services of Kumar (I will forward any of your specific requests to Kumar). You can contact me at So guys! I think your cock is trying to tear your trouser. Then why to wait... just go to toilet and use your hand with imagination of my wife Ambalika, the sexiest girl in this world.

Arun & Ambalika

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